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Cassidy Chacon was the other protective of installation before Irma Lair. (Guardians)· Yan Lin · The Oracle · Caleb · Blunk · Luba · Elyon Brown · Vathek · Aldarn · sir francis drake · Tynar · Alborn · Miriadel · mesua ferrea · wildflower · Lillian compel Regents of Earth : mat Olsen · Mr. She has red filament (russet-orange in the cartoon), deep blue eye and freckles. Huggles · Napoleon Nerissa · Prince Phobos · Cedric · Jeek Knights of Vengeance : Raythor · huntsman · pit · Gargoyle · Frost · Miranda Knights of finish : Shagon · Khor · Tridart · fragment C. Cassidy is very so much similar Irma, as she loves to have fun, and often likes to make jokes.

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