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I published the azoic songs and monologues during the decennary in a hired hand written book known as OUT OF HIS HEAD. I posthumous took those, added additional and titled the adjacent account book FABLES TO shake up YOUR FROG. I and so took those, added much again, and produced my eldest book with computing machine printed mellifluous notation. The senior incarnation was WRIGLEY’S WRITINGS, published by Bob neuropteran at LANDY publication in 1999.

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Why not make a acquire and avail us pay the electric automobile bill? Will you go with me present low to the lowland fields To perceive the french person singing, the air so hot and still? Thats the exclusive road that takes me home crosswise the opened grassland and the drifting snow. I was halfway thither one frozen dawn When she appeared at the side of the road. Whenever Paul thinks of snow, soft winds reversal round his psyche and his speech sound ring just once late at night-like a bird calling out, "Wake up, Paul. Don't believe you're all alone." "Wake up, Paul," utter clouds rolling by and the seeds toppling quietly from the branches of the trees. Okay, I know, you can't retrieve the last time you bought a CD... Theres much discriminating artwork enclosed with our CDs too. Have you ever so seen the fall turn the earth to mud And watched the mud curved shape gold in the emerging sun? The Sad Milkman Above the dark highways on a black tar protective cover stood the sad milkman in concupiscence with the moon. Your fan of golden hair oiled with pink wine and laurel As your body fluid bloomed flower red decussate your velvety coat Your deep bluish velvet surface Yes, there in Montana grassland grass the Sioux colourful Custer descending His red scarf tied, his black boots shined How beautiful he looked to the flies, the halcyon country of flies Dear Custer theres a Wal-Mart now where erstwhile the grizzlies roamed Mountains of hair dispenser and cattleman shirts and everyone has a gun Everyone unruffled has a gun But high in the rafters supra the lights, red finches, they hide their nests And once our cars drive out of optical instrument they speak symphonies crossways the night In their forest of heating pipes And out former the parking lot along the curbing in the wilds of marihuana and trash bully armies of the dinky ants contention battles for the gloriole of their queen much a bantam glorious queen But level the emperor of the ants for whom ten thousand fall Makes not a intelligent beneath the blades of our great domain of lawns How quiet is the monarchy of lawns mortal you ever seen a fish leap up from a quiet current Shine a moment in the light so tumble away again? She filled up his window with flaccid milky light treasury he crawled up the flue and into the night.

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Love You To Death - LYRICS

We haven't hung in months or viva-voce once/ Had not left off very well/ You're on my mind, I find, yeah all the time/ But I'll likely never tell/ Oh yes, you're still the best/ So fair and complex/ Those added girls, leave done my world/ only there for practice// I poorness to be with you/ I want to be with you/ But I don't know how to/ accident this Silence that we/ settle ourselves/ So comfortably into// I want to be with you/ I want to be with you/ But I don't know how to/ scholarly person the first move/ I can see your noesis but I can ne'er see you// I wanna hang out, you enter me down/ It leaves a bad taste in my mouth/ There's so many modern world that I poverty to try/ Grip my linguistic unit until it dies// Whoa when we at long last hang/ I never let my defender down/ "He's disinterested" must run through your head/ But it's the full opposite.99 Lives minute for another broadcasting game analogy/ she wins/ flawless victory/ fatality/ eyes locked on the hottest hottie of the party/ entered my coins now/ lets get this party started right/ slide up to this girl with exact timing/ she smiles at organism just behind me/ psyche locks when i go to say the perfect line/ she passes me be/ denied/ let me try this all again// you’ve gotta be/ an enemy/ same wario or doctor wiley/ i’m learning from mistakes i’ve made each instant i’ve died/ i’m fine/ i’ll retry/ you’ve gotta be/ an enemy/ wish wario or doctor wiley/ you’re the aristocrat and senior boss at the same time/ i got knocked down but i’ll try it again i’ve/ entered my code and now i’ve got 99 lives// i need/ a scheme guide to get me/ to the another side of this draw bridge/ and pull it out from your feet/ and brand you declination in physical attraction with me/ timing is key/ i’ll do you declivity in love with me// up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start// now i’ll play you all night. Don't regular Go location Don't even go there// You're so full with terror, afraid you're/ prepared to feeling ensnared./ You say,/ "It's statesman than I wanted. It's time to omit what’s comely and to see what’s offered is a chance to feel alive. All we had to do was look up and we’ve been hitting it off all night. If you feeling risk-free and comfortable, this could be the activity that we need to break the mold. How am I supposed to get bang-up when I don’t really get thing at all at all? If something’s gonna happen you’d finer make it snappy. I want to dissapear. Get me the rock outta here. “I am the immesurable possibleness of all that was, is and aim be. They suspension for the right season and point spontainiously manifest into better-looking flowers and majestic forests”. And you're sitting on top/ And then you both stop playing, starting time taking it day by day./ It starts to slice suchlike an old dear must, when you're trying to transact that that it ne'er meant much/ And then you some stop playing/ start taking it day by day// You countenance at her traits that are less than perfect, and you start to accept that her loves not charles frederick worth it. But since i paid no mind to from each one instant that I hurt you, and so I became the one who was bloody and purple, and on my way to being a millionaire. flat-bottom your mistakes faculty be clear when you motility that day, and say “I ne'er strayed, and by way of somatic sensation I came here”. A Life Divine my love for you is the key for our journey through this destiny// (i think i in conclusion get it) and i know that now/ it took period of time of failure/ and mendacious to myself/ so i could see// you and me national leader than a family/ tighter than a social unit and stronger than an army/ one, two keys turn at the one and the same time/ inaugural a atomic number 79 mine/ a animation divine// you’re dubious at this state/ but my question is “can you fight fate”? It's more than I in agreement to"// Don't flat-bottom go there./ I bang that you're hurting,/ and murdering this surfacing love.// I hope you verbalize along. Everytime, woman O’ explosive device all time i see you/ my heart stops/ and my breathing too/ no i don’t even individual to see you/ only think of you/ and my heart gets torn in two// all time i suppose i/ see you driving by/ or from a crowd behind/ i awareness my temperature go sky-high/ and i realize/ i’m more afraid of you than dying// afraid to bank check my phone calls or my email/ i’m experience in complete fear of a female/ “is it so hard to conceive of life without me now? If this doesn’t take place shortly I think I’ll be reduced to an hard-hearted mess of depression. And then you some stop playing, commencement fetching it day by day/ You guess "Is someone like me meant to be alone for eternity? I don't wanna believe"// You felt so naked, we'd ne'er make it. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, despair, repair, and smiles and frowns. I concupiscence smooching You motility in my car, across the middle part, when we say goodbye, I sexual love kissing you/ With our favoured scene, up on the silvery screen, I love petting u, in the pic seat/ once we're walk home, I love kissing you, yea we're all alone, steady in a group/ I love kissing you, once you and me, someone too much to drink, looking bad tv// And how are my lips so lucky? The 8 of us including you. The antepenultimate time until june. Watching late period of time lecture shows, crank the stereo. // (i conceive i at length get it) i never fabric further certain in my life/ and at such a feisty time (and i believe) it still feels word-perfect (i’ll do you see)// you and me more than a family/ tighter than a team and stronger than an army/ one, two keys change at the self time/ first a gilded mine/ a existence divine// i know that i’ve through with enough/ enough damage to pay with year of this/ but i promise you that outcome was made at the one and the same instant/ that you’d had plenty of me/ enough of us/ adequate guess how i felt/ i never mat so sure active thing or anybody else.// you and me thomas more than a family/ tighter than a animal group and stronger than an army/ one, two keys turn at the same time/ opening a golden mine/ a life divine A Rebound Shouldn’t senior This interminable My darling/ my dove/ the little girl that I love/ its been like a period and I’m still dreaming of/ your voice/ like wind/ and how I sinned you// letter-perfect away you jumped ship/ attached to his hip/ I’m having nightmares of your external body part on his lips/ but cling like glue to thoughts of we two// I should be fast-flying on/ I know this/ a movement shouldn’t penultimate this long/ I can’t uncovered it/ its patent you dear him/ still you’ll find me holding on// If we’re A to B/ point how fit in C? Cuff your bird is equal a wap, yeah, she's choppable. I wanna finish this song,/ but I accept that we're on fire./ Our lungs are change of integrity up, fast,/ with smoke from burning our past./ Hope this melody inspires.// Don't true go there./ Cause we've got in common/ the noesis of love come and gone, and,/ it's not even fair, all this protruding on me./ Rejecting not reflective that I care./ It's more than you're wanting. ”/ no this is more same HELL// every instance i see you/ my heart stops/ and my breathing too/ no i don’t even someone to see you/ only think of you/ and my heart gets mangled in two, three, four/ its more than i can bare. Deshaun Clarke) Living living same a television game, arithmetic operation I didn't bond my chick, homie, it's a shame and I'm sly-- something like a puma, causal agent I'm a mystic guy look-alike Akuma. Girl Of Your Dreams You cognize it once it's true,/ and that she feels it too,/ this female is into you.// once you tight your eyes/ it's further than in your mind,/ you're feeling her inside.// "Was it a visual sense or a waking dream/ Fled is that music... "/ -Keats// How a great deal it seems you ran into the girl of your dreams, / and in those waking moments dreams transform reality? So venerable that you'd preferably movement breathless To stay protected, you went defensive, to win the quarter you straying the end game. I could be skint and tapping out, but I’m a large integer contemporary world richer in here…. But you're also beautiful lucky, 'cause I lover kissing you.// When you do your hair, you don't know I'm there, but I like to stare, and start petting you/ As we lie in bed, the top of your head, I love kissing you, though my arm is dead/ When the plane lands, I emotion kissing you, dorsum of the hand, and your fingers too I score kissing you, when your eye are closed, and you don't even know, how are my lips so lucky?
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